Our History

Emmanuel Chapel Bible Church 1942-2015

This ministry started in 1942 when a minister named James L Stone began pastoring a group of people at this location after a man by the name of Edger Welch donated the property for the church the previous year. James Stone retired as pastor about 1979 and passed away in 1983. Afterwards there were six other pastors including Loren Heisz. Pastor Loren Heisz passed away in 2015. According to former members it was because of several years of declining membership and the passing of Pastor Heisz the remaining membership decided to close the church instead of search for a pastor. The church closed in August of 2015


Grace & Glory Tabernacle 1994-2016


This ministry was started in 1994 by a minister named John E. Deckard. They had their first service in a house on Apple St in Lebanon. They soon afterwards moved to a rented building about 4 miles out on West Hwy 64. In June 2007 Pastor Johnny Deckard passed away and Pastor Stan Hill started pastoring shortly after at about September 2007. In 2008 the church moved to an empty church building at 884 Park Manor.

 Emmanuel Chapel 2017-Present

Late 2016 after the empty Emmanuel Chapel Bible Church building was put up for sale the church decide to purchase the building. The congregation recognized the assets of the former ministry such as the heritage, the respected name in the Lebanon community as well as the well-known location of the church. They felt that the people of God who had put their time, talents and tithe into the ministry for 75 years would be pleased with it to not just continue as a church but continue as Emmanuel Chapel.

So Pastor Stan asked the board of Emmanuel Chapel Bible Church if the name could be used and they agreed that it would be ok so the members of Grace & Glory Tabernacle decided to open the church and go by the name of Emmanuel Chapel.