Ministry of Helps Job Descriptions


This is to help develop your leadership gifts. God wants you to be you but He wants you to be all that you can be. We want you to do these jobs with your unique flare that only you can provide.

Door Greeter:

Meet people at the door and shake their hands and if they are a visitor, introduce yourself and welcome them. Direct them to the sanctuary and let them know where the bathrooms  and nursery are if they might need them.


Hand Out Bulletins:

Hand out the bulletin of the day to those who want one.


Hand Out Visitor Cards:

Hand out a Visitor’s Cards and pens to all visitors and ask them to return it to you or put it in the offering plate. If they return it to you please give it to pastor or put it in the offering plate


Greeting & Opening Prayer:

(Please use the microphone so everyone can hear you) At 10:55 am greet everyone Open the service with prayer. Please read or quote a bible verse to encourage worship or praise or thanksgiving.


Bulletin & Announcements:

(Please use the microphone so everyone can hear you) At the time requested in our Worship Service read the “Check Your Calendars” section and try to make clear anything that might be hard to understand. It is not necessary to go beyond 8 weeks.


Lead Offering Scripture:

Encourage everyone to give.

(Please use the microphone so everyone can hear you; your leading so your voice should be a little above everyone else’s)

Ask everyone to please stand and announce that we are all going to read Malachi 3:10 together. Know who is leading the prayer and ask them to pray. When the prayer is finished invite everyone to bring their tithe and offering to the front


Offering Prayer:

Pray over the offering. When you are asked to pray please stand at your seat and pray loud enough that all can hear you.


The ushers will come forward at the time of the verse reading and after the prayer they will receive the offering by passing the plates down each row. Then two will go and count the offering and they will both sign the offering amount and put it in a sealed envelope and give it to the treasurer. 


There will be times that members may  have missed church for various reasons or maybe in the hospital or have been sick that could use a visit from a church member or two. At times the church would like to provide a hot meal or get well cards to show these people that they have been missed and are loved.


At times the church needs cleaning or snow needs to be shoveled and volunteers for these occasions would be great to call on.